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LetsDip-inLove.com was inspired (September 2, 2011) by the many tears shed around the world for loved ones lost through numerous senseless bombings, shootings and political struggles that serve only to diminish the essence of humanity. Our history is replete with countless acts of cruelty against one another, fueled by religious bigotry and other divisive rhetoric. Though our individual, racial, political, religious, sexual-orientation and tribal differences may be staggering, we all have one thing in common. We feel love, everyone of us. And we want to be loved by someone. Love heals. Love empowers and uplifts. Love is that little something that makes all things tolerable, even death. And, it ought to be the central teaching of any religion because God is love. Could we make our world a better place by sharing love instead of hate? If we reached out to one another, could we, perhaps, prevent the next suicide bomb by degrading and minimizing hate? Could we touch the hearts of political leaders…of tribal leaders…of religious leaders or of warring factions? Or, maybe, build more tolerance by sharing inspirational pictures, songs, movies, poetry, quotes or simple love gifts that soothe the mind? LetsDip-inLove.com offers this platform. Maybe we can save a life or reduce someone’s suffering, if we try. It’s hard to harm someone if you really love them because love runs deep.

“Let’s, together, make people human again!”

By LoveDipQuotes.
March 18, 2017.

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